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David Wilkerson

and the church of today

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David Wilkerson
Last Days Deception
[Must Hear]
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David Wilkerson (Extended)
A Call to Anguish
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David Wilkerson
Getting Ready For The End Of
s 43min
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Paul Washer
Do You Desire God?
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Paul Washer
"Religion That Sends You To Hell!" 11min
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Paul Washer
Christian Persecution That Is
Coming To America

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Paul Washer
Examine Yourself
1hr 13 min
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Paul Washer -
Paul Washer-Unbiblical church music
The truth about Rock N Roll in the church, is it from the father above or below?

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1hr 5 min
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Paul Washer
We Have Forgotten that the

Way is Narrow

1hr 10min
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The Good News The Gospel Message
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Added 3-8-2015

Oxygen Therapies

This can get rid of ALL your cancer and do many other things to clean up your body.
It also helps to prevent colds and other infections and also tooth decay and is better than most toothpaste.


Heed the warning call from all the watchman on the wall worldwide saying the same thing to the church.

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See this Video Click Here

This Pastor was rejected by God - Howard Pittman (Heaven Testimony)

Howard Pittman had a internal hemorrhage and died in the Ambulance in 1979. He saw saints who were heading to heaven. Many others were going to hell. Even though he was a pastor, God was not happy what he had done for God. We have love Jesus with all our heart. We have to put a priority to Jesus. Lukewarm Christians will not be accepted by God. We have to be a true Christian.

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If You're a Christian You BETTER WATCH THIS!!!

Learn How To Prepare Yourself
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Added 3-15-2015
Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West
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Added 2-15-2015
God Boldly Speaks Through Farm Animal To Send Urgent End Times Warning-Shocking & Amazing! China owns a big part of America, because we have a big debt.
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Added 3-15-2015
The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment pt1
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The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment pt2
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Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law
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The Depopulation Agenda
For a New World Order Agenda 21
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As stated above
They are going to take your
land and your homes from you.
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The LHC lies in a tunnel 27 kilometres (17 mi) in circumference, as deep as 175 metres (574 ft) beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. As of 2014, the LHC remains one of the largest and most complex experimental facilities ever built
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Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

Addeded 2-26-2015

Steve Quayle Interview Regarding Major World Events and “All Hell Breaking Loose”

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FEMA Activates the Clergy Response Teams? Church Pushes Congregates to Submit to Government and…

Published on Feb 10, 2015
Here is the link that goes with the post: http://b4in.info/sl9v


Muslim and Jihadist compounds are all over America and are hostile to surrounding communities! Funded by Pakistani radicals, at least 22 villages in 9 states have been tracked that are teaching Jihad terrorist tactics and this needs to stop NOW!

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Added 1-13-2015

Added 1-14-2014
A warning to all that watch TV
Hollywood's Satanic Agenda
How the TV and Video games control you.


Watch This Video First Below
A Video you MUST watch

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This is happening to you right now and its going on worldwide in almost every country....
It 's making you sick and many are getting cancer


In the very beginning, before Adam and Eve, Satan , Lucifer was able
to enter into every living thing that GOD had ever created.

Prepare for what is coming.

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Updated 1-28-2015

This is the Second video you must watch in full.

This is not a joke, see the proof for yourself.
Start your research from here

(America Is Babylon Video) Click HERE

(Video) One World Freedom Tower Exposed:
Crowning The Tyrant

Added 12-12-2014 (Video)
One World Trade Center (Full Video) How they built it.

Click Below for written info and more Video proof.
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Is the USA the Babylon of Revelation 18?
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Many Military Convoys Now Moving Through the United States

The Depopulation Agenda
For a New World Order Agenda 21


Updated below 2-15-2015
EndGame HQ full length version
Seen by over 4 million people
2 hours 19 minutes long
Youttube keeps taking Is down
Search: EndGame HQ full length version or
ENDGAME Full Movie by Alex Jones of Infowarscom

BREAKING NEWS!! Fema Camps 2014
What is the USA planning for you soon.

(Video) RISE UP - [Official Video]

(Video) Awaken - The Change Starts With You - A Short Film

(Video) A MESSAGE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY - Extended Version

(Video) The American Dream By The Provocative Network (Animation)

Now you need to see this, what did the FEDS do with everyone's gold?: Click HERE

Glenn Beck: What really happened to the German gold housed in the United States? Click HERE
Here you can see the same video on Youtube Click HERE

(Video) One World Freedom Tower Exposed: Crowning The Tyrant

Added 12-12-2014 (Video) One World Trade Center (Full Video) How they built it.

(Video) The USA in Bible Prophecy, See The Truth

Below is all about this Rapture talk, time, dates and when it will happen.
Truth REAL about the Rapture
the Church Denomination Teach worldwide

(((Video))) How To Get Rapture Ready! -
Satan's Final
Attack Strategy Revealed! (MUST SEE for Christians!)

(Video) The Pre-wrath Rapture - The Rapture Puzzle Solved with Matthew 24

There is one God and it's time for you to do your own research for the real Truth.
When you take your last breath on earth the final decision you make will be your last.
Follow NO man, women, pastor, priest, imam, church or any denomination.
Those you follow become your idols.

((( Google : "what is an idol " or "following people become idols")))

Its not what we think it's what the Creator in heaven thinks..
Google: "What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality"
Again do your own research for the truth.

100 Bible Verses about Homosexuality http://www.openbible.info/topics/homosexuality

This video info was shared to us, so we share it with you.
I know the whole world loves Christmas, but when you do your own research on it you will find it is 100% pagan...... Google " The truth about Christmas"
The TRUTH about Christmas Its History Myths, and Traditions, please watch this one video below and then you decide.

(Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORlhIe8PWm0

What does the bible really say about Remarriage

(Written) Are You Married, Divorced, & Remarried? Click HERE
(Video) The Truth about Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage Click HERE

Added 4-2-2015
***** What a wonderful and upright society we would have in churches across the land if this truth about marriage were properly explained to young people. Abstinence teaching fails to stop sexual activity because it is NOT a divine concept. But, when we know that sex is marriage, it does give us a stronger answer to give when temptation to marry the wrong person arises. *****


Do you Slander, Gossip, and Evil Speaking Against Others:
What Does the Bible Teach on This?
We are all guilty of doing this and we must stop...

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You can cure yourself without any Hospital or Doctor Treatment and be totally cured from Any disease known now or in the future....
YES also Aids and Ebola, Watch the video for FREE and print how to do yourself for FREEEEE
((((Click link below to go to page 2 ))))
Please share this information for FREE to help other people. Those that share this information for FREE is a sign of who knows Elohim/God and Jesus/Yahushua.
Remember, we can't serve God and Mammon/Money.

Updated 12-19-2014

We do not endorse any denomination and make them idols in our life... Google "What is an Idol"?.
We choose to follow truth using the word of Elohim and to rightly divide the word of truth for ourself and follow only Jesus /Yahushua/
Also Google: Yahushua

What is the plan of salvation and through who?
How can I get saved & know for sure I will make Heaven?
Will you follow the true God and do as he says? Click Here

(Video) The SALVATION Prayer Click Here

(Great Video) True Salvation and How Click Here

Once Saved Always Saved, Fact or Fiction?
Proof of those that go to heaven and those that do not.
((((Video))) The Gospel - April 3 by Paul Washer

(Video) We Have Forgotten that the Way is Narrow. (Paul Washer)

((( Written ))) Bible proof Click HERE to Read.

Holy Desperation - WAKE UP CHURCH!!!

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